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Your Hosts - What makes us tick

We are deeply interested in spiritual matters and, as you can see from the photographs on the site, being spiritual doesn't mean living in a yurt in the woods, or leading a spartan existence.  It does mean that we take responsibility for our lives and what we do with them, especially with regard to living a peaceful, harmonious life as a demonstration of our belief that we are all One, and that life is abundant and full of gratitude and exciting opportunities.


During your stay it is our intention that you will feel nurtured, empowered and re-vitalised.  We are happy to leave you to your own devices, or spend the evening chatting with you, and maybe even indulge in some impromptu music; there's a piano and a guitar in the lounge that you can play, if you wish.  We are also happy to lead a meditation session, if that is something you would choose to do.

We are often presented with opportunities to help the young people we meet, by empowering and encouraging them to pursue their dreams and ambitions.  With our knowledge of the Law of Attraction, we focus on highlighting what they can do if they want to change their existing situation in order to head in their preferred direction.  Sometimes it takes a while for them to decide what that direction is, but we prefer to provide the tools to help them fish, rather than give them fish.  It makes our hearts sing when we see them advise others, without any prompting to do so from us, and it's even more wonderful to see them fly.

Pauline and Simon



We have varied interests, as you'll find out if we have the opportunity to socialise with you during your stay.  We enjoy various classes such as Zumba, Indian cookery, and life drawing.  At home we both enjoy researching our ancestry, and being creative.  Simon likes to bake, make bird boxes,  and oh so many other things, taking a pride in making lots of compost for the garden.  In the meantime, Pauline likes to draw, write, plan and organise, and indulges in various other crafts.  We are members of the local community choir, and love a ceilidh (who doesn't?).  We have relatively little light pollution here, which is great for looking at the night sky, so on dark nights we might be found on the deck, wrapped in winter coats, with sore necks from looking up for meteor showers or simply in admiration.

We love gardening, to the extent that at least one of us finds weeding therapeutic.  The other likes to share energising sounds with the seedlings in the greenhouse, in the form of meditations, chants, or something uplifting.  The more energy we put in, the more we get out!  Our produce garden is mature and lovingly tended, with lots of lovely fruit and veg.  Our ornamental garden, is a little wild, but is being created for the bees and the senses, with lots of places to sit in tranquility and breathe.

Pauline & Simon

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"Creativity is intelligence having fun."  ~  Albert Einstein