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Spiritual Empowerment

To add a more profound edge to your stay in our ever so comfy guest accommodation, Pauline and Simon very much enjoy discussing deep spiritual topics.  You could also partake of one-to-one consultations with Pauline who is an ordained Peace Minister of The Beloved Community, and member of the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking.  Consultations can take the form of Law of Attraction coaching, crystal chakra balancing, energy clearing, or tailor made to suit your requirements.

In group work, Pauline uses various mind, body and spirit techniques, including meditation, mindfulness and visualisation, to help raise each person's vibration to a higher level, dispelling negativity, and opening a more clear and positive way forward.  Simon has been involved in spiritual work for over 30 years, and has the ability to tap into deep wisdom.  We work as a team or individually, as required.  Listening is key, and we absolutely respect a client's confidentiality.  Our primary objective is to empower individuals to realise their full potential.

Whatever happens through us spiritually, is due to energy and its vibration.  Great teachers throughout the millennia have known this and have delivered the message in their own cultural ways.  In their interactions with individuals and groups, Simon and Pauline draw on the work of these teachers, as well as their own experience, suggesting ideas to encourage and empower those seeking change in order to take their next consciously chosen step.


As you restore and replenish calmness in your mind, rejuvenating and revitalising your body as you do so, you soon return to awareness of your soul.  These are all natural states of being, and they result in the rediscovery of the inner peace and happiness that never left you, but which have been under the surface of your life all along, while the distractions of striving have been prevalent and taking most of your time.


But it's now time to breathe properly, in a way you may have forgotten some time ago.  It's now time to become aware again of all that you know to be true about who you really are, and experience the joy of remembering.  Often, with that remembering comes release and the ensuing relief, accompanied by healing laughter, tears of joy, and the resultant higher energy vibration.


There's nothing we like more than seeing clients go laughing and dancing down the drive after a session.  Whether they fully appreciate what's happening or not, we know that if they can maintain that energy, or even part of it, wonderful things can happen.


Please see our leaflet (in-house) for more information about one-to-one sessions with Pauline for:

  • Crystal chakra balancing

  • Energy clearing

  • Law of Attraction

Also, Simon and Pauline host group sessions and workshops for:

  • Law of Attraction

  • Silent or guided meditation/mindfulness

  • Visualisation

When you get to the stage of choosing to do some of this work (and some of it is work, but worth it), you are already half way to the achievement of a more vibrant and abundant life.

"The door to happiness opens from the inside."  ~

"The cage door is open, and you won't know how good it is outside unless you go through it."  ~  Simon Currie

"When you realise that you created the cage yourself with your own thoughts and beliefs, you're half way to the fulfilment of your desires." ~  Pauline Currie-Whyte

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